Curiocity magazine was devised on a walk through Oxleas Woods in South London. We hand-made two issues with friends, producing 100 copies of each, before launching officially in September 2011. Four years, six issues, and 15,000 copies later, we began work on a book-length A to Z of London for Particular, an imprint of Penguin Books.

Our book Curiocity: In Pursuit of London is structured as an A to Z, with 26 chapters, each containing a hand drawn map by one of 14 illustrators. The maps reimagine London as, among other things, a beehive, a clock, a body, a globe, a prison, a star chart, a riot and a cabinet of curiosities. As we pegged out the 26 chapters, we attempted to touch on every dimension of London life, down to the most functional and taboo, and to suggest ways of interacting with issues and subcultures that can seem inaccessible.

Find out more about it in a feature in the Evening Standard here. The Standard described Curiocity as a ‘remarkable book … a nerdy Londoner’s paradise … an exquisite 450-page cross between an encyclopaedia and an artwork.’

You can hear an interview on the Monocle Weekly podcast here.

The book is out in shops now or you can buy it online here.

You can still buy Issues B-F of Curiocity magazine online here.