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Curiocity E: Escaping London


Many pilgrimages start and finish at the shrines of London. For this issue, Curiocity created a new pilgrimage in collaboration with the National Trust: a 13-mile route from London Bridge to Bexleyheath, inspired by the Victorian designer, writer and socialist, William Morris. With this issue, you can also quest for the Holy Grail, browse some unusual libraries, talk to a hedgerow Wayfarer and pet a Nazi dog.

Editors: Henry Eliot & Matt Lloyd

Design: Tom Kingsley

Map art: Mike Hall

Contributors: Richard Barnett, Pete Berthoud, Tom Bolton, Matt Brown, City Information Centre Staff, Tom Chivers, Alice Ford-Smith, Matt Gilbert, Alex Holmes, Robert Macfarlane, Mark Mason, Fiona Roberts, Belinda Sherlock, Kelley Swain, Peter Watts



Featuring: Escaping London – Dante’s Wombat – Late Skates – Missourichord – Wayfarer – Telling Tales – Invisibuildings – Cathedral Crawl – Graze Anatomy – Spoons – Coco Canal – Lordings – Observance – Bad Habits – Bolan’s Tree – Gods & Demons – Holly Grail – Ode – Gestapooch – Gino’s Marylebone – Beormund’s Eye – Folly – Bibliography – Mobius Trip – Silences

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