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Curiocity D: London Dissected


London is a giant sprawling body composed of arterial thoroughfares, intestinal subways, nervous wiring and lymphatic waterways. Circulating inside it are millions of cellular citizens. But what does it mean to inhabit this metropolitan anatomy? To find out, sharpen your scalpel and join us for some torso tourism as we delve into the bowels of the city. London Dissected features a hunt for John Hunter, a Parisian city break in London and some scary goats.


Editors: Henry Eliot & Matt Lloyd

Design: Tom Kingsley

Map art: Nicole Mollet

Contributors: Richard Barnett, Tom Bolton, Matt Brown, Mark Mason, Huw Moore, Fiona Roberts



Featuring: London Dissected – The Great Glass Elevator – Les vacances d’austérité – Exquisite Corpse – Hunter – Siren Song – App Ops – Hunting – Fail Better – Spriggan – Fleeting – Tile Table – Londrogyrnous – Mr G’s Prize Fry – Tombs and Telephones – Strong Room.

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Dimensions 11 x 5 x 1 cm


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