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Curiocity B: London Bestiary


There are millions of people living in London but the city’s wild side is never far away. This London Bestiary features unusual fauna from the quirkiest corners of the capital – Brixton Dogs, Philpot Lane Mice, Edible Squirrels, Naked Mole Rats and a Bitumenagerie. We’re going to the zoo. How about you?

Editors: Henry Eliot & Matt Lloyd

Design: Tom Kingsley

Map Art: Andy Wimbush

Contributors: Sonya Barber, Pete Berthoud, Matt Brown, Rebecca Crowther, Rose McLaren, Huw Moore, Lydia Rose, Oli Rose, Brett Reginald Scott, Belinda Sherlock




Featuring: London the Zoo – Word on the Water – Metal Exchange – Crossbones Graveyard – Bitumenagerie – Mythical Beast Safari – Stock and Chairs – Rude Tube – London Labyrinth – Cabinet of Largesse – Brixton Dogs.

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Dimensions 11 x 5 x 1 cm


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