Curiocity is a series of folded maps that chart London in unexpected ways and suggest lively and unorthodox journeys around the city. With the release of each lettered instalment, we are gradually building an alternative A to Z. So far this has included a star chart of London, a map of the city as a dissected body and a map of London fictions.

Curiocity was devised on a walk through Oxleas Woods. We hand-made two issues with friends, producing 100 copies of each, before launching officially in September 2011.

Curiocity is fuelled by a passion for exploring the capital and sharing its journeys and stories.  Many adventurers and London lovers have featured within the folds, including Mark Mason (Walk the Lines), Robert MacFarlane (The Old Ways), Merlin Coverley (The Art of Wandering) and John Rogers (This Other London).

When not performing feats of cartographic daring, Curiocity also run events and walks around London.

You can read more about the people behind Curiocity and how it’s made. And here is our Londonist Out Loud interview: